Monday, April 12, 2010

Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition

Speak of the devil. Was just blogging about the "Proton Sembilu" the other day and was dreaming that some new "aggressive car" might come out in the future. Looks like R3 has pushed a step forward in building limited editions cars. I wished they made more Satria GTi R3 the last time so more of us can own it instead of converting a normal Satria GTi to the R3 version.

There are plenty of photos of this car online. Also plenty of supports and avid haters about this model. The usual thing from price comparison to comparison with VTECs *Laughed*.

When people start to compare brands like VTEC, Mugen made a FD2R RR Spec which is available in town at the moment re-conditioned, few limited edition in the world and cost RM3XX,XXX. Funny, i didnt see the long queue outside NAZA or the local jap importers. I thought these fanatics were do-or-die-must-buy-limited-edition-VTEC? Even the FD2Rs are so expensive yet you do not see the REAL ones plenty roaming around. Why is that? Typically an Asian person would buy a house than a car since real estate makes more money in the long run. But i thought limited edition VTEC was the T-Rex of VTEC? I still do not see people queuing for the brand new FD2Rs outside Honda showroom. If normal wage earners cant even pay for RM200k car, what then a brand new Mugen RR which is super special edition minus the whip cream?

If you are seeking for the ultimate ride, its either a "BULL" or a "HORSE", get what i mean? About time people these days have an open mind towards upgrades and enhancement. No doubt RM115k is expensive and yes i was shocked to see the price at first. But then again, u wouldnt want everyone to buy when its cheap and keep bumping into them all the time. That wouldnt be limited, it would be COMMON.

Prolly these sort of cars were meant for collectors and true enthusiats, sometimes the word LIMITED is being abused and also misunderstood. Collectors/Limited editions were meant to be kept stock if possible and the value would maintain or increase in time. Overseas drivers that owns a Satria GTi would love to have a piece of the R3 creation. All they can do is add and convert. If you have a Mugen RR and bolt a Hondata, and add/change other things, it will sound Mu-Hon which defeats the purpose of buying a limited edition car.

If R3 were to ask me if i had any cool ideas to make this car even better, i would say a 2 litre CPS engine and prolly more carbon stuffs like the side mirrors and etc. Embossing the car's manufacturing number would also be good on each carbon parts since car/parts theft issues are alarming in Malaysia.

Remember my blog about the Japanese student's Monster Satria GTi? He brought back to Japan and upgraded it to stage 3. He must be proud to have a Satria GTi, Malaysian made.

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