Sunday, April 11, 2010

North Latitude36 (Japan)

When i saw the coverages of this car online in the recent
TAS2010, fuck i think i want one too. After quite sometime
of looking too-many of too-clean and too-perfect refurbished
to factory spec CR-Xs from around the world, i started to get
a lil' bit boring and i dont care if you made a fortune selling to
the next person.

All i have to say North Latitude36 has a nice distinctive style.
There wasnt any thing wrong with the car, just a bit of
extremity and creativeness makes this car on my top favourite
car list. The extended front diffuser which was painted black,
that is nice. The VTEC turbo engine and the race style interior
is nice. Last but not least, the green Volk rims puts the cherry
on top of the cake. If it was 15" it would look tiny on a bright
white painted and kitted car. I think he's running on 17" which
helps a bit when u have too much power in the engine bay.

There are prolly bunch of haters for this sort of mods since they
already injected themselves with full dosage of jdm-clean-drug.
Automatically they block anything that does not resemble
their tastes and likings which doesnt come close to a stock factory
design. They may not be using Hasport mounts or having a perfect
Mugen EF-8 Pro2 kits, but they made it to TAS2010 which was a
privilage for oldschool cars to be there. I guess it doesnt take much
Engrish to tell the world what ure modding.

This sort of thing would prolly be the ONLY reason for me to buy
another CR-X. Other than that, i'll stick to an old family wagon
with problematic door speakers and bad wheel alignments.

North Latitude36 reminds me of Cybermotorsports Australia
but a subtle version.

Respect Nobu & North Latitude36.

North Latitude36, Japan

Cybermotorsports, Australia