Saturday, May 01, 2010

Proton Satria Neo VTEC Hybrid

Yesterday afternoon i got some enlightening news that someone managed to hybrid a K20 Type-R into the Proton Satria Neo. Feeling sleepy at that time, i was awaken by the news. Didnt i know that my crazy dream was being done somewhere else in the country. Apparently, the news was out humbly, just that some photographic proof has yet to be taken soon. Hopefully soon, i cant wait.

So i did some online search hoping to find the Neo K20, instead i found this picture somewhere online. When i checked the date it was posted, it was towards the end of last year. When i saw this photo, it made my day. B-series inside a Neo, wow!

Prolly i am living in the country where hybrids are prohibited by the RTD and custom billet parts products are not available to suit my taste.

This particular post was meant for those that love extreme custom engineering works. You may pause for awhile about buying an original Type-R or pushing the limit of the CPS engine.

Good engine in a good body, why not?