Friday, April 03, 2009

Mitsubishi CA to CJ Facelift on Proton Cars

If you are tired with the CA models on your Proton front conversions, then you can try doing the CJ front facelift. I have seen quite a number of these front cuts/clips which were left under the rain and were hardly sold at the halfcut shops.

I did ask a few times and the whole CJ front could cost you around RM500-RM600. I think u can try haggle and get a good bargain since the demand is awfully low. Anything cheaper or free would prolly be your luck then.

Izrin linked me these photos and i think it looks better on the Proton Putra which balances the bigger headlights at the front end with the extended rear boot compared to the Satrias.

Well, it can be yucky for some people and it can be a cheap alternative to some since original Satria GTi and Mirage-R front parts are still expensive.