Friday, April 10, 2009

HOOOOOOO.... I Finally Found It

Ive been searching for this car for ages. I dunno where i misplaced or prolly lost my magazine. It was the Turbo & Hi-Performance Magazine June 1999 issue. 10 fucken years ago article.

I found it at this cool website which has plenty of Honda stuffs, The Chronicle :

Yeah, i have to agree the intercooler setup must have inspired from Brandon of Teamrice Hawaii. Check this out :

I dont mind having the same dream setup as the TopFuel EK. Cant imagine the sick torque at 500hp. If you like Vtec Turbo, check out Huge Le specs and engine bay comparison between 4 long years. I have to respect him for the built.

Hugh Le Civic in 2001 (3xxhp) :

Hugh Le Civic in 2005 (6xxhp) :