Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Honda Integra DC-5 Photoshoot Review

I got a called from Meor asking me to join the Honda Integra DC5 photoshoot. The number of cars attended jolted my bones. Ive personally never seen these much street driven DC-5s parking together in my life. It was a rare occasion for me which i couldnt resist.

Had a quick shower, called my buddy Alex (he was busy downloading hot air balloons photos at that time), dashed to his house and went to Putrajaya. As both of us were tired from the hot air balloon fiesta, we just had to complete the day with the tegs.

I must admit it was a beautiful sight as ive never seen so many DC5s before. Mostly whites as seen in the photos. With the hard-to-find car parks with street lamps in Putrajaya, they had to park in an open car park with no lights. The lights around the car parks were nicely lid up but not inside the car park itself. It was dark and i could barely see my own slippers.

The leading photographer came from the teg group. She was doing the car group formation and lineups. Alex and myself just snapped as much as we could as it was very late and tiring for some people.

I hope we can do another round next time but with better lightings or just group daylight photoshoot. More photography comments in my other blog.

As far as Honda Integra DC5 is concern, the good thing they dont have to worry about people doing conversions where the number of "Civic Type-R FD2R" in making is statistically rising in Malaysia. Worst comes to worst also you'll get a Type-S converting to a Type-R which u'll only find once in a bluemoon.

I hope to see more tegs in this group and mods in the future. Hopefully not too many CE28s rolling, too many J's Racing Tsuchinoko intakes and too many Mugen front bumper smiling in the group. The varieti-ness keeps the group alive.

Thank you to Meor and all DC5 owners.