Monday, March 16, 2009

SDB Round 1 2009 - Review

The race was cancelled. It was cancelled due to the fact the drag lighting system wasnt working, again. I think the race was stopped right after the free-runs. On top of that, the rain came without notice.

I only managed to get some pix before rushing to get my refund with Jason. Well nothing much we can do when the rain put a complete fullstop to the event.

I heard plenty of changes for this year with the new rules and regulations. For starters in Group F, in one of the pix u can see the new weight restriction to curb swiss-cheese and extreme weight dieting for street cars. I think it is a good idea since everyone is throwing their rear brakes, rear wipers and etc without thinking that Group F is actually a street class unlike Group C.

Another news was the new medical checkup which gonna cost you for every race. That will increase the entry fee automatically. Also, not sure if they have enforced the rule where you need to wear your racing suits.

Whatever it is, SDB needs to notify the drives in advance on the new rules and get the drag lighting system fixed for good or else the streets are gonna light up, AGAIN.