Thursday, February 05, 2009

My 2009 Doddle

  • Few days ago i was a year older. On that particular same day it was my 3rd year blogging for Mivek4doddle.
  • I think i have more time to mod this year compared to the last few years where i get more day offs this year. I thought i could complete the modding list last year but i still have a few pending mods to complete. Passion and perseverance keeps me going.
  • I think a few of my mates are busy modding their cars, hopefully i dont miss a chance and get to capture their before and after processes. A tiny few of them are still lost in the modding world with mixed priorities between love, life and stupidity.
  • I have a feeling that people are rushing to sell their museum antics before the JDM burning passion starts to dim.
  • I am opening another blog for my new hobby.