Thursday, February 26, 2009

MeGuiar's QuikOut - Damn, It Works.

It is less than RM100 per bottle

Job well done

Close-up comparison


I bought QuikOut 2 months ago before X'mas and thought i could do some DIY during the year end holdays. But instead i was busy working and didnt have the time and the hot weather to do this DIY project.

It has been really hot the last few days and the best part im off from work today. So i decided to give it a try with some tips given from the MeGuiar's distributor staff from where i bought QuikOut.

Initially i wanted to send to the shop to have my cabin ceiling steam-washed but i hate the queue where there are so many ppl queueing to polish and wax their cars. So i went to MeGuiar's and bought a bottle of QuikOut. You can get/order them from any Ace Hardware stores nearby if they have stock.

All i had was a bottle of QuikOut and 2 clean towels. I set the nozzle to spray and sprayed half of the ceiling carpet for comparison purposes. I let them soaked between 5-10 minutes and use my 1st clean towel to scrape the foaming dirt. Goodness. My towel turned black and i can see the differences immediately. The other towel i dampened with with water and wiped off clean the leftovers.

As you can see from the photos, i purposely did half of the ceiling. The stain was horrible and ugly. I am a non smoker and the only thing i can think of is when i used to drive with my windows open for the last many years. On top of that, this i believed is the 1st time my ceiling carpet is getting some cleaning since it came out from the factory more than 10 years ago.

The process took 30-45 minutes for the whole ceiling. This is the 1st round and im planning to do again a month from now and see the difference. The drying process will take an hour or so as long its a warm hot day and open all your windows.

I cant imagine if your ceiling carpet is dark colour and the dirt that has been hanging out and growing since it came out from the factory. If you are a smoker and drives with your windows open, be prepare to see the result.

Im happy with this DIY project. Thanks to whatever his name was at Meguiar's for the tips.