Sunday, February 01, 2009

2009 Mitsubishi Colt - Ralliart Version

While i was browsing the net, this new colt caught my eyes. My 1st comment was the front looks like an Evo X. The rear as similar design with the previous Colt version. The car looks cute. If you cant afford an Evo X, this is nice daily beater to move around the city area.

But then again, with the brand monopoly in this country, u'll get more sedans and automatics transmission cars than the real-2-door sports car, boohoo!. The ugly 4-door-sports-sedan cars are being imported into this country. The nicer reconditioned ones are reserved for the grey importers. Ive seen a few nice Golf Gti MK V, 2-door, right hand drive version in Singapore and i have not seen any around here.

Nice 1.5L turbocharged car. If you want bigger cabin room and more doors, buy a van. Sheesh.