Thursday, March 15, 2007

When we were kids...

When we were kids, we like to brag about our bicycles and skateboards. Starting with the brand names which are commonly used by famous tv stars or professionals seen on magazines during those days. Then we start to talk about who has the best parts and who paid the most(brag is cool when you are a kid). Kids during those days will try whatever they watch on tv and do stunts infront of everybody(showoff is cool when you are a kid). With limited exposures and tricks, we end up doing the shit everyday.

Then came along mr boaster(s) that likes to talk about having "invisible" toys. He will preach all day and night about his toys where no one has ever seen it before actually. Im not sure why he like to boast, probably it makes them him feels better than everyone or to make them part of the group or just a quick turbo boost to fame. It makes them feel proud in their egoistic chest for making such a fairy tale and at the end of the day, people bought it (kids had to agree with their friends or else they will befriend to those didnt agree).

Ironically, this shit i see still happens in adults. Not about bicycles but about their cars. Ever wonder why they like to say things they dont have? Ever wonder why they twist their words to make it "cool" to other people's ears. Nowadays its all about having the latest brands. I pity their friends because being friends , they have to accept, nod and be part of that lying world. When these idiots cant makeup their mind, they lie. It is simple, fast and it doesnt cost a cent but it might cost friendship.

When we were kids, it was fun. Nowadays as adults, its fucking irritating.