Monday, March 05, 2007

Timing Belt Snapped at 9000rpm

Jason's timing belt snapped last week. Revving at 9000rpm or probably more using factory stock Mitsubishi (MMC) belt on his overpowered GTi. According to him, the timing belt had 30,000kms done and 1 year time usage. My guess after looking at it, it's high time for an uprated racing timing belt like Power Enterprise, Toda, Gates, HKS or anything that would fit 4G93P.

If you plan to rev more than the stock rev cut, especially those high revvers with EMS or even a chipped ecu, i advice you to change a better timing belt.

Jason had to change ALL his valves due to this mishap.

Life goes on and he is still continuing modding. (normal ppl would plan to sell the car by now :p)