Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little Things Your Tuner Wont Tell You : Honda OBD-1 ECU

All these pix came from my friend's ecu. I tried to snap the closest angle i can to show you the real shite about it. Its a JDM P08 OBD-I ecu and the best part about it, its automatic. Lets not panic and run to your car, relax and read.

My friend runs on a JDM B16A OBD-I engine with manual transmission. After discovering that he is not using a P30 ecu, i can see flames flowing through his nose. This ecu came with a chip but i removed it for clearer view.

  • As you can see the lables and tags has been removed from the side of the ecu and in inner harness socket. (Brilliant idea by the tuner, business opportunity i would say)
  • The 4 set of 5-legged capacitors means that it is an automatic ecu. Manual comes with 2 set.
  • This ECU has a capability to be repogrammed to DOHC VTEC if all the specific jumpers are being soldered correctly. (This one is not being done to my friend's ecu)
  • This ecu would normally cost half the price of a JDM P30 ecu or probably less.
  • Sometimes you will get a check error code that throws a automatic transmission solenoid error if you did not covert it to manual spec. (the jumpers, not just the chip alone)
  • This ecu doest not come with a knock sensor board.
  • For those you wanted to know its a JDM 92-95 SOHC Vtec ecu from the Honda Civic.
  • As for performance wise, you wont feel any power loss on butt dyno and maybe on a real dyno run, a few tiny missing horspower will be missing.
  • P30 comes with a knock board in the ECU.

Main reason why this shitty ecu is in my friend's car is due to the fact the tuner wants the P30 ecu which has more value and originality. If the P08 is being converted properly with no CEL codes popping on the dash, its fine. But the sad part is the tuner will charge the same price as the P30.

For those planning to go for Hondata S300J, please get a P30 ECU. Advisable without the TCS shit.

Did i say Hondata? Hee hee