Thursday, February 15, 2007

TODA Camshafts Pulleys : For B-Series Honda

Today i had to wakeup slightly early to rush to get the brand new Toda pulleys for my brother. Last week i did some surveys and found out the prices were between RM1100-RM980 in Sunway. Some of the shops do not include the sticker when purchase.

So this morning i went to SS Racing. Somehow or rather i'll be in SS Racing at the end of the day. Good people-interaction and less-buying stress in SS Racing, unlike other unfriendly pushy places.

The pulleys are beautiful. Very light indeed. They dont bite like HKS pulleys. Being a loyal and relaxing customer for many years, i got the Toda sticker for free.

  • Where : SS-Racing
  • Price : RM980, RM950 after discount