Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Building a Super Satria GTi? : Part II

Middle of last year i did blog about Jason's car with his quad throttle setup. At this moment of time, Jason has spent a lot of money, has spent his afternoon and dawn in the workshop and also busy making queries worldwide to find more infos on related parts for his 4G93P engine.


- Port & polished head (locally done)

- 81mm pistons

- MATSPEED 292/288 custom camshafts

- TOYOTA AE111 45mm throttlebodies + Custom adapter (locally done)

- Custom trumpets (locally done)

- MITSUBISHI 1.0mm original gasket

- PROTON original spark plugs

- HOTBITS 4-1 extractor + 2" collector


- PROTON 4G93P gearbox + MITSUBISHI 4.592 final drive

- EXEDY organic clutch kit + Lightened Flywheel

Exhaust System

- 2.3" Exhaust system + Straight flow muffler (locally done)

Engine Management

- MICROTECH LT10s + X4 Ignition Module


- SSP 15X6.5 Rims (Taiwan)

- HANKOOK RS-2 Tyres 195/15/50

- CUSCO Coilovers

As you can see the mods may not be as much like a Honda VTEC but he has put 300% effort on his modification . At the moment, he is happily revving to 9500 rpm (nothing to lie about as i was in the bloody car) everyday to school with air-conditioned and power steering.

I have heard so many fucken rumours about monsters with 4-throttle and Australian-parts-built monsters which are mythically breathing in Klang Valley but then again, how many of them are daily driven to Giant Supermarket and cruising under the El-Nino heat 35c during the midday with cooling air-conditioned?. He sometimes go to the track for a weekend session, with full interior indeed.

2007 year looks like a golden piggy year for Jason. He plans to rev this engine to 10,000 rpm with forged internals and new setup. I believe he is almost there with his plans. He has high hopes from his friends and family. I notice when someone spend less time talking, do their work and research, produce good results, i should give him/her throphy.

Jason has dynoed his car recently and he wish to keep the figures to himself. He is not being secretive about it just that he doesnt want anybody to do the same setup and not getting the same results as he is.

However you do it, cheaply or expensively, engine building and tuning has to come together. Jason might advice you the same thing and so do i.

All the best this year to 10,000 rpm.