Sunday, February 25, 2007

Honda Civic Type-R Camshafts & Dual Valve Springs

You know what they say, "good things will come to those who wait". As a personal advisor for my brother, i knew the day would come when CTR cams and dual valve springs would fall along somewhere when you least know it.

I managed to find these parts from a good friend with a good price (dont bother asking me). As you can see CTR parts are actually good for the street. The keyword here is "street". Sometimes you have to know your budget and the application that you wanna apply for. You dont use track cams for drags.

So why CTR and not Toda or Jun or Bamboo? CTR cams will not make power up to 9k rpm. They quit making power anywhere from 8200-8500 depending on the setup. There is no need to rev to 9000 with these cams, especially on the street. You are about to have fun, not tow your car are 3am with your friends saying "i told you so".

Tips :

(1) When you buy camshafts, do buy the same brand of valve terrain kit. The manufacturer knows better than you do when it comes to R&D. Try not to mix and match for budget sake.

(2) If you want to make power more than 8400rpm, forget about type-r parts even the springs can go 9100rpm.

(3) Intake has a yellow painted marking on the springs. Blue on the exhausts. ITR and CTR dual valve springs are the same.

(4) Check the cams grooves, marking and profile for identification. Dont be absurd when buying used cams and wanting to get the exact spec. Metal do get worn and shaved out. CTR and ITR exhaust cams are the same. 00 spec ITR share the same cam spec with CTR.

(5) Check for spring bind height. Springs will bound when wrongly use with different cams. Type-R springs will bind at 12mm lift. So max will be 11.5 lift. Do your homework :p All b-series retainers are the same.

CTR Camshafts Spec

Int-243 dur. / 11.5mm lift

Exh-235 dur. / 10.5mm lift