Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sony VAIO + Carbon Fibre Chassis?

Sooner or later i have to get a bloody laptop. Been eyeing the VAIO for many years. Prices are still sick but so far it has gone down compared to few years back. Still expensive but what the heck!. Went to the ultimate computer zone of the world, Low Yatt Plaza. Everybody seems to say its the cheapest, well prolly in China its the cheapest. Intercoolers are made in China. HKS made 'em expensive. Haha.

So far ive eyed the White Platinum VAIO. Not bad. Until las few days i got to know the TX series had a Carbon Fibre Chassis. Wow! Dang!. It's small 1.25kg, 11.1 inches monitor and hell its cute. The price is something i dont wanna talk about now. Google it if you wanna know.

I want! I want!I want!