Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MicroTech Training - 29th July 2006

Well, what can i say. My brain was saturated for a day. My ass was freezing inside the air-conditioned class and everyone was blurred and sleepy for a day. It was a bloody long week with my own personal agendas and clashing with this training that had to be done in this particular week.

All i can say the training was good(i got no bad comments tho). It was conducted by a Malaysian MicroTech Tuner(local chap trained in Australia). For once, i get to ask stupid questions and those puny queries that ive been waiting to ask for a bloody long time. The feedback was good and i can see myself excel after this i reckoned.

The group scale was small and we had our own files and folders. 2/3 of the day we spent in the class trying to learn about MicroTech overally. Everything from wire diagram to setting-ups and to tune using Microtech. The remaining of the day we had a SR20DET and a 4G-63T as our dyno guinea pigs. Honestly, by early evening we were dead tired. We tried to absorb what we can. I was hoping to meet many friends in this simple training so that i could share ideas with them but the turnout was pretty small.

Anyways, at the end of the day, im happy to attend such a good training. I was hoping for some hotel food catering(j/k) but then again im cool with the setup. I was there to gain as much knowledge and to learn about shites that i dunno and prolly shite that i couldnt afford like flying my ass to Sydney for a Motec training. At least this is something for a start. I hate reading and browing the internet all the time. I need some real shite that i just have to sit and listen for once.

So, the favourite question of all time, "can you be a tuner now?". Im not getting any younger tho. I have to start somewhere sooner or later. I need to get the LT10 series and wire my own bloody car and tune it myself. Hopefully with the help from Innovate, HKS knock monitor and prolly a cheap dyno session, i hope to achieve something for myself one fine day.

p.s. i believe every tuner has his/her own unique style of tuning and method. these little things are the shites u dun wanna ask as they have gain experiences for many years. if i could buy experiences from a supermarket, i'll buy heaps of jars of it. so what u wanna do is just do the things correctly and with limits. things wont blow for no reason. human errors are the causes of detonations. dont blame fuel and ignition, they dont have brains like us.

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