Thursday, August 10, 2006

Malaysia Mega-Sale - NIKE AIR RIFT

Everytime when theres a Mega-Sale, i dont get excited. More or less, i get turn-off by it. Last week when i was walking around, something caught my eyes. It's the Nike Rift 10th Anniversary Black Leather version.

Black Version :

Im just a Rift kinda person. I had a Nike Air Rift Plus Blue and wore till every piece were torn and snapped. I felt reluctant to ask the same old phrase again and again but something just pat me to ask the lady at the counter (nice bootay with a stud on her nose). Anyways, she said the only one remaining was size 7US. Shite! i said.

Normal Version :

A few seconds of sorrow, i heard a yelling voice from the back, it was the sales supervisor saying, "heyyyy, we have size 12UK/13US". I know im a size 12US,13US,14US (depends on which country its been made even if its the same design by NIKE). I gave a try. Well hell yeah, it fits like a condom. Nice and smooth.

Im scared to ask the price as i know its a RM4XX.00 tag on it. Due to the sale, i get discounted and its RM270.00 with free rift socks(ninja tabi socks). Yay!. From a bloody RM450 and its RM270 now, i gotta be drunk if i dont get it plus its leather and it looks like Mike Tyson shoes.

Gotta spoil myself once awhile. Indeed retail therapy relaxes the mind. So this is my 2nd Rift shoe. The last version was the normal sport version(around RM240.00). This is the new leather version ive been eyeing for months.

When i 1st saw Rift 4 years ago, a buddy of mine wore it on track for his track sessions. Apparently i got hooked up badly since then. Ninja style shoes are cool.
Theres some history about Air Rift and you can Google up.