Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mivek4doddle : Top Overhaul

I recently had a top overhaul for my engine. After so long of using this hybrid engine, i thought i wanna check everything especially the head area. Also, i took the opportunity to snap some photos since i do not have any internal engine photos before.

From gaskets to seals, everything was dismantled, cleaned and checked. So far no leaks, broken gaskets and etc. Knowing the fact wear and tear is always the unpredictable culprit which i hate it sometimes.

As you can see, im still using the stock 4G93P pistons. Not keen of the 4G92 Mivec pistons for being too high compression inside the 1.8 engine. Not keen of the 83mm pistons although its a bang for the buck project. The cam pulleys are local custom made. Since i have the plastic cover so i thought i dont need something flashy for the pulleys.

The Works Engineering fuel rail is still there. Wish it was black. Ha ha. Everything else are still there and functioning well.

If you are wondering, the last photo is the close-up photo of the Jun Type-II camshafts for the 4G92 engine. I heard the price these days are around RM4,XXX. Even used ones are around RM3,800 to RM4,000. Still expensive for these camshafts.

So nothing extra-ordinary like Super-90 throttlebody or Skunk2 intake manifold or Arospeed cam pulleys or even aftermarket pistons. I know what i wanted to do and i kept within my plans.

The top overhaul was done half a day. Well done.