Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mivek4doddle : Get Low

After a few years of using the RPW mild steel 4-1 extractor, this is how it looks like now. Being a daily driven car, i could not escape from road humps/bumps/whatever you call it. My car is as low since the day i got my coilovers. If you refer to my old postings, the height clearance between the extractor to the ground is just as tall as a Nokia 3310.

Luckily, when i fitted the extractor last time, i had the protector plates welded on to it. That is one important point if you decide to daily driven the car. Even my flexi-pipe is balding away.

Staying in a country that has plenty of road humps with less warning signs, sometimes my heartbeat stops for a second just before impact. %$#@$!@#!%&^. Yes, mentally it hurts.