Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Have Forgotten About It

"Today, man, I’m sad to say…it’s just not the same anymore. People don’t build cars for themselves anymore, they don’t build it for fun. It’s become so competitive that people don’t even spend time to sit back and enjoy their cars anymore." - The Chronices

When i read that, i felt sad with the scene around here too. FUN is the last thing on their mind at the moment. MODS is the 1st ritual. It is already a trend that to make FUN, you have to MOD. Funny thing, i didnt know when you buy a car it does not come with an engine and also no wheels? No?

People these days are so religiously into mods that the only FUN time is when they think they have reached the limit of nearly-blowing the car or almost-about-to-sell the car. I have seen a family sedan car with just a CAI and the owner had FUN. I have seen a 450whp turbocharged car that is prowling the streets everyday, few oil leaks once in a while, but the owner had FUN.

These days, even before you buy a car, you already started to think about the re-sale value and the depreciation of it. I suggest you buy few houses and take the public transport.

There is no such thing by making your mods and build-up "complete" then only you can have FUN. I think its more of a personal temptation and sometimes it evenly turn out to be greed.

Go out and have FUN.