Friday, January 29, 2010

Car Loans. Old Story, Same Attitude

I have to admit that i am super pissed when i see someone that is interested to buy a used car and asking the owner of the car about car loans and sometimes arranging car loans for the new buyer.

What the F is wrong with these buyers? Are they blind, dumb and deaf?

If you want to buy the car, YOU go to your top 3 choices of banks and ask them if they can provide loans. Banks will usually do valuation of the car and also your credit records. As simple as that.

If you fail getting a car loan, you can try personal loans. Higher interest rates.

If you still fail getting loans from banks, ask your daddy or mommy to loan you with 0% interest rate. Worst case scenario you have to obey them within 3-12 years or longer. Daddy and mommy can even burn your car if they dont like your attitude. Family rules, not banks.

Stop asking stupid questions and do your part as a buyer.