Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When A Car Blogger Meets Another Car Blogger

When a car blogger like me meet another car blogger, we usually update and refresh ourselves with the old mods, newly installed mods, cancelled mods and the upcoming mods which to be updated accordingly, if not busy. Other than personal mods are news collected from our daily browsing consumptions.

In between the conversation, happened a few times, the story about this little group of readers/fans/modify-goers are anxious for a mod to be updated. The blog updates are their drips into their bloodline. Because this little group just ask for two common things, "When is the next update?" or "What is your next mod?", i think it is just two pathetic questions that shouldnt be asked till end of time. If car blogs are like car magazines, we'll have 4 magazines per month and 36 issues per year just to cater the reader's hunger at maybe say..err.. RM15.00 per issue. We'd prolly be rich provided its a sealed plastic issue minus the asian perky tits in the centerfold every month. Probably i said.

Amazingly, some car bloggers managed to keep up with their blogs. Few had to quit due to personal reasons. I must say, the only thing that keeps car bloggers going are those that really stay in the scene, breathe the scene, read about the scene before they sleep and talk about it when they have free time.

Back to the story again, this update-hungry-readers are excited to know about what you gonna update and mod. Update is not an issue. Mod is an issue. Come to think of it, car bloggers are just normal ordinary people that earns from paycheck to paycheck. Some have kids to feed and some have wear and tear bills to settle. If you are looking for something that has not been done before or just excited to know about the upcoming mods, be patience.

Car bloggers are doing it at their own time and pace. When we do things with passion, a simple thumbs-up is the best gratitude we can ask for from the readers. Nothing more.

Support your local car bloggers. The scene is dying slowly. Before we quit the scene and start a cupcake decoration blog in the future, go out and do something with your car.

Mugen design cupcakes, anyone?