Friday, November 06, 2009

Santa Had To Work Early This Year, For Redza

[If you dont like American aftermarket parts for Honda, i advice you to stop reading before you start puking all over your keyboard]

Redza just bought a Civic 2-door as you can see here. He had to strip everything before sending to the paintshop. The new paint is gold in colour. (Gold reminds me of Top Secret)

The Civic EK is healthy at home for his working purposes. This is the "lighter" version for his street drag use. The new civic will have a new engine setup entirely compared to his Civic EK.

As you can see, recently he had ordered plenty of toys from the states. He ordered early before X'Mas. Here are some of them for you to drool on. One of them does not belong to him but im not surprised if he orders one for himself, quietly. Ha ha.

- AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
- Skunk2 B-Series Header
- Fluidyne Radiator
- Darton Sleeves
- Six Sigma Racing 4-1 Header (not his)

I like his choice of toys. The good thing about having a Honda, engine modifications has no limits and there are plenty of brands for you to choose from.

Just 2 words to describe Redza's journey, "Continuous Improvement".