Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sani's CR-X Paintwork Progress - Part 3

The repainting and the not-cheap-mini-restoration process came out from the oven just before the Aidilfitri holidays. As you can see here from the exterior it is shining and glowing. According to my brother, whatever was rusty has been changed. Whatever was loose has been tightened. Whatever was rattling has been fixed. The slow process is definitely worth the wait. The car was dismantled by pieces and problems were fixed one at a time.

Right now the car has a few things to do like new suspensions, new sport rims, new emblems and logos and a few more simple things to do.

The B16A engine is smooth and according to my brother, there has been a few visits by CR-X enthusiasts about buying the car already, even the car is not completed yet.

This mini restoration process taught my brother a lot. Perseverance is once thing, to appreciate it is another thing.

The cost for the whole process is buying another CR-X in Malaysia. Nobody said restoration was cheap. This is excluding engine overhaul and the aftermarket parts. Just plainly Honda OEM parts and body works.

What about you? Wanna try restoration works?