Tuesday, October 13, 2009

R.I.P Shaun Carlson

Long time ago, every month i would waste my money on buying Turbo & Hi-Performance car magazine which i can buy plenty of things at that time. That was the only international car magazine that i can think of that made me and also my brother crossed the line. At that time, i admire Shaun a lot. He may not be driving a VTEC Turbo, but his Ford Focus cracked into the 7s barrier. He is one of the pioneer of the sports compact car racing and also a good fabricator. Those days the big names like Adam Saruwatari, Kenny Tran, Tony Shagday, Jojo Carlos and also Brent Rau were just on every issue of the magazines.

He is the owner of NuFormz Racing and also built Stephan Papadakis's Civic which is the 1st FWD to go into the 9s. Check out this video.

The 7s "Albert Einstein" Ford Focus, my favourite.

You can read more detailed stories online on what happened to him and his accomplishments since last time.