Tuesday, January 06, 2009

UNEXPLAINED : Monster Proton Satria GTi

An old story worth to talk about.

I've been keeping this articles for quite sometime. Everytime when i look at it, its gives me inspiration and hope that the 4G9X stories would last another 10 more years from now, i hope.

This story was featured in the Hong Kong version Option Fans magazine. It was somewhere between year 2003-2005 when this project happened. As i gathered few real life sources and also feedback from the internet, it all started from a Japanese guy came to Malaysia to study here as a student and fell in love with the Proton Satria GTi. If i were to put myself in his shoes, i think the Satria GTi is a souped up version of the Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg with the lacking of the Mivec technology under the hood. So i believe he paid cash for the car since he knew this is gonna be the only Satria GTi in town (in Japan i mean) and it would be a collectors item if kept well.

The thing about this car is that, everything was plain stock when it was in Malaysia but when it left Malaysia, everything under the hood has been modfied extensively in Japan. The only exterior mod i can see from the pix would probably the rims (look carefully, its darker when it was in Japan).

What so cool about this setup is that, it is a stroked up 1.8L 4G93p close to 2.0L. Beside the massive 22.6kg/m torque, the ITBs definitely helped to push more power towards the high rpms. Honestly, i cannot imagine with that kind of torque everytime you pop the gears.

From what i can see, he is using the MOTEC M4 since he is running on ITBs. There are no plug and play EMSes for the 4G93p, which sometimes i wish they had. Custom headers that looks slightly like my RPW headers. A TODA/Exedy 3-puck semi-race clutch. Also clearly the TODA ITBs which were customed fit for the 4G93P. From the specs, i think it should be running on a 4G94 crank. On top of that in Japan they are drinking 100 RON fuel.

I have a feeling that he went straightaway to a potential tuner/garage in Japan and modded the engine extensively. It is quite typical for Honda racing tuners in Japan to use the MOTEC + TODA ITBs combination which has been done by Signal Auto in the past. If i do the math, my guess would be this guy sent this car directly to TODA especially when you have the ITBs, clutch, stroker kit and a high possibility a custom extractor when TODA makes all of them if money is not an issue. It is also typical for TODA to recommend their customers to use standalone EMSes like MOTEC and Apex'I Power-FC for the ITBs setup. I let you think about this.

I reckoned this car is daily driven, exterior and interior untouched, with air-con (look at the aircon pipings) and no dieting process. I believe a lot of money has been spent to do this project. There could be more or less things in the car which we dont know. As much as we are balls excited to know, there could be less things in the car.

The closest thing to this style and setup is Jason's car. It may not be as fast and torquey but it certainly has power steering and air-con with no carbon fiber dietary products.

It's already 2009, most of my Satria GTi friends has sold their cars. Some went sedans, some went continentals and some still trying to figure out what is the best camshafts and extractors *doh*. By blogging this story, i hope to put some sense of hope and achievement to talkabout when you gather around with your friends.

As much as i want to know and talk about this monster, there are plenty unexplained mods and nothing much i can say further since its not around here. The funny thing is, we do have smiliar mods being done over here, just that they are not information friendly.

It would be easier to do this on the Honda, isnt it?