Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 Already?

I can breathe now.

Last December 2008, i was swarmed with work. I was working on public holidays and i was on-called during the weekends. I wish i was a doctor, but im not. Working during the festive seasons can be pathetic if they dont double or triple up your allowances. With the recession meltdown coming soon, which i think has arrived, i'll just take whatever i can to the last cent.

I missed a lot of good movies and the MeGuiar's bottles were waiting anxiously for me to use them for my DIY projects as i walked passed them everyday before going to work.

I noticed that im reading my un-updated blog which has slowed down since November 2008. I should be back in action by tomorrow.

It's never too late to wish everyone Happy New Year. It's only too late if you do NOTHING or do SHIT to your car all the time.