Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Distance Vs Friendship

I recently gotten to know and also bloody comprehend the meaning between "distance" and "friendship".

Distance : n 1: the property created by the space between two objects or points.
Friendship : n : the state of being friends.

I never thought ppl would actually be calculative when it comes in meeting best friends. Yeah hell yeah, last time i had friends that bring coins for supper (the best part when the purse opens, the coins dropped like golds from heaven..CHinG cHIng CHinG) and drives a bloody super sports car. "What the fuck?", i said. Oh yeah, oh yeah dun we all know who that is ay?

As for my past recollection, during my college days, there was this dude that carries a tiny mini-dying-grand-nanny zipper purse that u can only put less than 5 dollars of coins. Thats another big fucked up dude i have as a friend. Thrifty is cool, scrooge people should be blacklisted and be thrown into the volcanoes. Die you muthafucka!Die!

Back to the topic, yeah, since day 1 i know what are the VALUES of having good friendship and the QUALITY of having them. At the end of the day, good or bad, you still have your best friends around ya for you to tell your problems, have a weekend barbeque and help ya at 5am when u have a flat tyre OR even send you to your bloody own grave.

Im just crocodile pissed about "few" close friends that decided to blame DISTANCE and TOLL as factors of not having some good-ol gathering. I never thought of being calculative when meeting friends when it is NOT a burden to do so. You dont have to oblige to do so. Just say "Yes" or "No". "Busy" or "Free". Communicate and tell others. BUT, just dont badmouth and say bad about it. Its just bloody bad karma.
Even monkeys swim, hunt and hangout together.

Fucken donut.