Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mitsu's Poorman Stroker Kits

If Honda got their B20B CRVs and K24 Accords, well Mitsubishi have their 64s and 94s. Well if you are having a 4G63T then the 4G64 2.4 block would instantaneously increase your displacement cheaply. On top of that with the after market production of big stroker kits, you can bore and stroke that 2.4 to 2.6L either in the old EVOs and even the new EVOs.

If you have read my previous blog entries, i wrote about the "Big Piston" story where you can fit 83mm pistons in your 4G93P or 4G93 Mivec hybrid to make it a 1.9XX with a risk in mind. The 4G94 internals has been used as another option with a safer combo.

But then again, all these blocks and big internals were not meant to be revved high as they make good power at the midrange. Unless you are using forged and light internals then u prolly can push another 1-2k rpm.

Big blocks comes from either sedans and most of the time, SUVs and MPVs. If you like huge torque, then having a big displacement should fit your requirement. Some people like high revving small CC screaming engines.

Which ever combo you plan to do, do think about the rev limit. On the other side of the world, people are bolting Nissan Neo VVL head on the SR20 blocks. Hmm.