Tuesday, March 23, 2010


AutoGridz - The new car website and e-mag for car enthusiats from Malaysia by car enthusiats themselves. Since internet is the main source of information, it gives you more comfort to surf from anywhere you are in your own comfort. AutoGridz wants to be near you and accessible at anytime of the day. AutoGridz embarked in a unique way where besides automotive news and updates, they have videos, e-shoppe and also membership card privilages for you to enjoy discounts at their chosen stores.

I personally like their e-mag. They cover all around stories locally with high quality graphics. With just around RM5.42 per month or RM65 (approx USD20) per year, u save a lot of money from going to the local newsstand or bookstore and the hassle of keeping hardcopy magazines which eventually be thrown away.

Well, i like the e-mag due to the fact i dont have to go through advertisements in between them.

Some screenshots for you guys.

When you subscribe for 1 year, you get the whole lot.

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