Friday, February 26, 2010

OS Giken Clutch For 4G92/93

I only got to know that OS Giken has released the Super Single clutch for 4G92/93 engines few days ago. After doing some checking and it seems ST Wangan has brought them in since ST Powered Singapore are the OS Giken distributor.

Before this you have Exedy and also ACT clutches. The price tag is not cheap. It is around RM3XXX and ACT is selling at 2XXX.

Well, its good to know since i know there are a few lurking 4G92/93 monsters which are hitting between 180-200whp. This sort of power should be coupled with good clutches to deliver power to the ground.

Ever since ST Wangan brought in Tomei camshaft kits for 4G92/93 and now the OS Giken clutches, im crossing my fingers and hopefully they bring some aggressive Tomei camshafts for 4G92 Mivec and also OS Giken gear ratios and final drives for the 4G92/93 gearboxes. If they plan to hit the Malaysian market and also give good pricing, i think in no time we'll see plenty of resurrection from the 4G92/93 owners.

Keep it up ST Wangan!

Few salivating photos i found online.