Monday, December 14, 2009

TOMEI 4G93 Parts

So finally these toys are available in town. After a few months of rumours spreading, i think this X'mas would make some big smiles on some faces with the new toys from TOMEI especially for the 4G93 engines.

Photos i have taken from the internet. Just do a search and you can find plenty of infos. The list mentioned are as per below :

4G93 NA
308deg lift 11.1
316deg lift 11.1 4

4G93T CD5A Turbo
270deg lift 11.1
280deg lift 11.1
290deg lift 11.1

So i guessed, with the slight better pricing compared to JUN and also the combo package which i think comes with cam pulleys, it should be a damn good deal.

If you you have doubts about them, here is a link from TOMEI's website to reassure you :

As long there are new parts for the 4G93, it keeps the modding scene going. At least for now.

Wonder if they make for Mivec, just wondering. Woop woop woooooooooop woooooooooop.