Friday, August 14, 2009

Jason W. - Proton Satria GTi

I have known Jason for a very long time. Somewhere middle of this year he bought a used Proton Satria GTi with a good engine mileage. I think the option was good for a young chap that wants something with a 1.8 litre torque and a factory kitted car.

He started his simple mods with a R3 front splitter which makes the car looks slightly aggresive. He also does not have to worry about missing/cracking tow hook covers which is common among SGTi owners. Somehow or rather i feel you can never go wrong with the R3 front splitter. He bought a set of GAB coilover suspension to get better stability and handling. Also, he got a set of a Volk Racing CE28N replica with Falken Ziex wrapped around to match the car.

For a start, i managed to introduce him face to face to the other Jason "4-Throttle" and hopefully he can get some good tips and hints for modding the 4G93P engine if he decides to push the power. If not, a nice CF front hood and a CF spoiler might do justice.

Other than that, i would like to thank Jason for involving in the Urban Shootout recently and hopefully we'll see more mods in the future.