Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SDB Round 2 2009 - Redza Honda Civic

Redza joined the street category also known as the "Class F" in the Sepang Drag Battle. In Class F you can bring your daily driven car and battle it out legally on the strip. With weight restriction and tighter rules, this gives a lot of opportunities to push your engine safely on the strip while competing with the same street cars you see most of the time on the road.

The only weight lightening i saw was the carbon fiber hood and the driver himself being lean. Redza came from home with whatever that was in the car plus the complete sound system intact.

Pushing a 1xxxkg family sedan is not as easy as you think. You can see most drivers either had their 2-door EGs or EFs to reduce another 100-200kg instantly plus the carbon fiber products which are available widely in the market nowadays.

As you can see from the photos, Redza did some last minute map loading using Hondata which he prepared earlier on which he felt suited for that particular night run. After few runs, Redza came back with his good and bad feedbacks. Overall he was happy with the runs just that the heavier Civic body he had was not helping him so much to achieve his personal timing.

Kevin was also there that night so him and Redza had a planned duel with their sedans.

I believe Redza has some recipes cooking for future drag runs. Whatever he had done so far on top of plenty of trials and errors and trying different products all the time, i think his perseverance has kept him to where he is now.

Built, Not Bought.