Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aidilfitri Holiday 2008 - Less Mods, More Rides

My trip to Kota Kinabalu was good. This trip i didnt do anything much with my brother's car since most of his parts has already been installed and few more parts which prolly be done in our next trip home which might require some professional mechanic hands.

  • Changed all the SARD vacuum hoses to SAMCO hoses in the engine bay.
  • Restored the DOHC VTEC sticker on the rear window.
  • Removed the CAI heatwrap. (Will be replacing with my black Cool-It Thermo Tec wrappers)

I tried to restore the rest of the emblem/sticker and to be honest it was not an easy process. The front emblem requires epoxy which i have bought and prepared for my next trip. I have to order the rear emblem and rear sticker again since my positioning was off by 1 inches, damn.

I believe i had more time driving the Integra this time since most important parts have been installed nicely. I dont mind the minor squeaks and slight imperfection.

I had fun.