Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Original Mitsubishi Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makkinen (WKT7474)

My buddy's car is for sale again. Current buyer has been an ass procastinator. So the car is up for grabs. Original colour. 2nd Owner. Almost stock and tiny mods. Rarely driven as owner drives to work using another car. Pristine and very good condition (i know as owner will wash the car every damn day if he can). This car is 4WD so the driving skills and performance are different and it takes a long time to adjust from a 2WD experience.

Car Make : Mitsubishi

Model : EVO 6.5 Full-Time 4WD

Colour : Solid Black

Mods : Minor

Price :135k Negotiable

Loan : Arrangable AS LONG you dont have any blacklist with Bank Negara or have too many fucken loans or saying your uncle is stuck in north pole freezing the deposit money.

Owner : Mr. Hizam

Contact : 012-204-0830 (Leave and SMS if unreachable)

Note : I noticed theres LESS serious buyers. There are some fuckers even tried to swap cars or even ask the owner help them find other cars. What a bloody fucken moron.If you are a serious buyer and not a clown, give him a buzz. I do not get any penny out of this but i accept any form of gratitudes at all times. Please do not compare with others and IF you like other cars, please buy other cars.